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You know you're a Cyber-goth when.....

Your clothing has more wires then you do make-up.
You go to the hardware store to get new outfits ideas.
You dig thru the trash behind electronic stores to get parts for your clothing or hair.
You and your friends don't remember what real hair feels or looks like anymore.
You get all your outfit ideas from sci-fi movies.
People with metal detectors have to ask you to leave.
The Dj gets pissed off every time you walk by the booth because your electronics screws up his system.
You'd give your first born for a real cybernetic part or cyber jack.
You feel that jedi is really a religion.
You buy all your night club clothing on-line.
Your boots increases your size by a foot.
You think that anyone wearing a poet shirt soul be fossilized.
You'll pay to see a horrible sci-fi movie just to see any new fashions.
You'll repay admission to get back into a night club because you left your goggles in the car again.
You knock over little kids at the toy store to get that toy with the lights on it.
You keep stealing your little brother's toy laser gun.
You keep stealing your older brother's ski goggles.
Anything that works on electricity in your house fears you.
You don't have a jewelry box, you have a work bench.
You fear rain due to the possibility of shock.
You get pissed off when they run out of batteries at your nearby store.
You feel it is not an accessory unless there is a battery involved.
You see Anime as a form of fashion show.
Cartoons give you ideas for hair colors.
You spend the majority of your "get ready" time on the device that you will wear.
You can't decide which goggles to wear for the evening.
You get upset for not getting the perfect spot under the black light.
Movies show a gadget that doesn't really exist yet, but you still have to have it.
You have more electronics on you then the Dj has in his/her booth.
You refer to your new clothing as "up-grades".
You decide on a new hairstyle and head for the workshop with your toolbox
You get on to your shoes rather than put them on
Kids cross roads with you in the dark to feel safer
People who have never been to a goth club refer to you as a raver....
You must see all the new sci-fi movies to see new clothing lines.
The other goths glares at you every time someone mentions "Ain't that a F-ing ray of sunshine!".
You consider your website as a valid form of I.D..
You'll give up your first born for a head jack.
Everyone looks at you first when the power goes out at the club
when you know you're not a cybergoth but all your cybergoth friends (who also know they're not cybergoth) call you cybergoth.
Your only tattoo is a bar code.
You get jealousy about the fact that pets have the chip implant option and you don't.
You keep missing calls on your mobile 'cos you can't tell the bleeping ring tone from your music.
....Your proposed solution to this problem is to have your phone surgically implanted
You own shares in Cyberdog
it's not hard house, it's cyber-techno-dance-music
the local spooky-kids call YOU a freak
You're so one-double-three-seven you don't even have to write it out
you have wet-dreams about tentacles rather than nightmares
The demf is one of the only few times you'll come out in the day.
You can get better deals ordering from the UK online then you can here.
You are more accepting of the ppl with the glowsticks and refer to them as children at the club.
You have 3 or more monitors in your room.
You keep a personal black light at home to see how your outfits will look at the club.
You can't decide which armor to wear to the club tonight.
The Glow store phone number is programmed into your cell phone.
Electric tape counts as make-up.
You don't give reg flowers..... you either e-mail them or build them.
You spend 15 min or more at the club double checking your electric tape attachments.
You carry electric tape as standard issue.
You can't decide which goggles to wear for the evening.
Radio Shack refers to you as a "preferred customer".
You know where to find UV tapes.
You can make the Green Goblin costume in your basement.
Thomas Video is the only place you'll rent from.
You don't feel good unless there is an LED light near you.
You've been to the Glow store more then 3 times a month.
You can explain how the items work in the Glow store better then the workers can.
Any hardware you look at is considered for future outfits.
You give another cyber-goth CPR via dreads.
You consider dreads a form of currency.
Play-doh doesn't have a color that your hair hasn't been.
Sushi is considered a missing member of the food groups.
They use you as a cheaper way to save money on alien special effects in MIB II.
You can hide in a crowd of ravers.
The drying machine has a good beat.
Your girlfriend gets upset because you took her buckle boots again.
You dye your fur coats to match your hair color.
You'd screw your computer if it would produce a cyborg offspring.
MacFarline action figures give you more outfits ideas.
Your goggles have gadgets of their own.
The only way your friends can be sure it's you is by the goggles you wear. <-you've been to this site several times.
When you walk through a room and people start humming the Transformers theme.
People say your celebrity likeness is an Anime character.
You could run your X-Box for three hours off your battery packs for "Emergency Gaming Fixes".
People stray away from you on the dance floor for fear of electric shock.
Vampires prefer take their chances with daylight than be in the same room with you.
You find yourself no longer needing gel or hairspray to get your mohawk to stand upright.
Xaina gets an all-body sunburn from dancing within 10 feet of you.
You attended ITT Tech just to learn the minimum skills needed to do on-the-spot repair jobs to your outfits.
You hear the words, "Are you licensed for that proton accelerator?" on a daily basis.
You can't drink liquids for fear of shorting something out.
You turn the lights on after sex by putting your shirt back on.
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