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Please note that there will probably be different subjects brought up at random on here.For now, we're start with the most common item. Goggles.

as most of you know, the most common item in a Cyber's wardrobe is the goggles. Used for mainly the furturisic looks and to help hold up dreads for some. I've got at least 10 of them in my collection. A majority of them are the basic ones like Dyce goggles.

I also have one of those cyber ones from CY-X in a black and red combo.

My current favorite is my light up Spy Gear goggles. It has built in lights and looks very cyber. I even have last year's version. Here is a link of them.

One pair that I do miss is the Gone Postal ones I used to have. They have really big lenses and covered most of the head. The lenses were lost/damaged and never repaired. Kinda a bummer.

I also have a few welding goggles. Those tend to be the best one. The fact that they use metal and leather for their construction is great. One just has to hope they don't rust easily.

Post your goggle story if you like.

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